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You don't realize just how important your hearing is until it begins to fade. Suddenly you can't listen to you favorite music, carry a conversati
on with a friend, or even hear the sweet sound of your children laughing. The loss of one's hearing can be devastating, however, there are alternatives. 

The office of Dr. Gregory Lowe, Audiologist, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is here to help. Visit Dr. Lowe for a comprehensive hearing test.  If you make an appointment with Dr. Lowe, you will see Dr. Lowe instead of a technician. Don't trust your hearing to someone that is less experienced. 

Dr. Lowe offers the finest in hearing aid technology and is committed to keeping prices reasonable.  He uses the best hearing aids available as well as the lowest hearing aid prices.  If you are paying over $5000 for a set of high end hearing aids including a charger and regular remote control, you are paying far too much.  Don't be talked into paying an exorbitant price for hearing aids.  Dr. Lowe uses the finest hearing aids available ranging in price from $1960 to $4800 for two hearing aids depending on the technology the patient prefers. Twelve month interest free financing is also available.

Audiologists who have furthered their education by obtaini
ng their doctorate have demonstrated their commitment to their profession. Dr. Gregory Lowe is the only audiologist in the Fort Wayne area with two doctorates in audiology and is board certified in audiology by the American Academy of Audiology. If you have trouble hearing, please ask your primary care physician to refer you to Dr. Lowe for comprehensive hearing testing.  (260) 471-5693

                Dr. Gregory Lowe, Audiologist

R. Gregory Lowe, Ph.D., P.C., Hearing Aids & Assistive Devices, Fort Wayne, IN

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